We manufacture only from the highest-quality materials to ensure our hatches seal tighter and require less maintenance than those of the competition.

Ideal for use on steel or fiberglass oilfield storage tanks, our hatches securely seal tanks while providing customized pressure and vacuum relief, and easy access to tank contents for level gauging and sampling.

Regardless of industry, application or environmental regulation standard, our hatches have you covered.

Lock Down Hatch

Model L61T

The LaMOT Valve and Arrestor Model L61T Gauge Hatch provides access for gauging or obtaining product samples from storage tanks. The gauge hatch has a gauge hook integrated to the base to facilitate sampling the tank. The Model L61T Gauge Hatch incorporates “cushioned-air” seating which assures a superior seal to ensure minimal fugitive emissions.

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Round Pan Thief Hatch

Model L12-TH

The LaMOT Valve & Arrestor Model L12-TH Thief Hatch incorporates a spring loaded pressure/vacuum relief valve within the device. Thief Hatches are used on steel or fiberglass (FRP) low pressure storage tanks. The hatch has a gauging hook integrated to the base to be used while sampling the tank, providing access for level gauging, sampling, and overpressure/vacuum protection for the tanks, all in one compact design. Superior sealing is achieved from an active envelope pressure gasket that expands around the base to increase seal until the designated pressure setting is reached. This design saves you money by greatly reducing vapor loss compared to a traditional thief hatch design.

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Long Pan Thief Hatch

Model L12-TL

The L12-TL incorporates a large working surface, larger cover, and a gauging and sampling hook into the base. The base is inclined to match the slope of the API12 tank’s roof to provide a level working surface. A bonding strap and SLIC™ pins come standard with the L12-TL.

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Lock Down Conversion Kit

Model LLDC

The Lock Down Conversion Kit is developed to replace or convert a thief hatch to a Lock Down Hatch to meet environmental regulations.

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It's easy to buy cheap components from second-rate wholesalers, stamp a name on them and list them at a markup – and some companies do exactly that.

It's a lot tougher to design the product in-house, manufacture it in your own facility, then test and fine-tune to perfection before putting it on the market. But we do. Because we know your system relies on us – so we'll only put our name on products you can trust.