Model L3000

Blanket Gas Regulator

The LaMOT Valve & Arrestor Blanket Gas Regulators ensure that a constant gas pressure is maintained in the vapor space of a storage tank. A blanket gas regulator supplies an inert gas to prevent a vacuum from developing when liquid is removed from a tank, to maintain the desired blanket pressure when the temperature drops and to prevent outside air from contaminating the tank or creating a flammable or explosive environment. Product conservation and a significant reduction in tank emissions are the final result.

• Variable orifice, field-adjustable flow capacity
• Bubble-tight shut off
• Single stage regulator
• Modulating opening
• Minimal lock up and droop to increase stable performance in the regulator

• Materials: 316 Stainless Steel
• Setting ranges from 0.289 osig to 15 psig
• 1/2” Adjustable Orifice Selector 25% to 100%
• 1” Adjustable Orifice Selector 5% to 100%
• API 2000
• ISO 28300
• EPA Publication AP-42
• OSHA Part 1910.110

Soft Goods – Buna-N, FFKM, EPDM, FKM

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