Model L1201B

Vent to Atmosphere

The LaMOT Valve and Arrestor Model L1201B Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve is designed to protect your tank from damage created by overpressure or excessive vacuum. Costly product evaporation losses due to normal tank “breathing” are greatly reduced. Because the L1200 Series products retain toxic vapors, atmospheric contamination is minimized which helps to provide increased fire protection and safety.

• Modular Construction
• Cushioned air seating
• Superior performing fluoropolymer diaphragms
• Self draining housing body and drip rings
• Peripheral Guiding and center stabilizing system for alignment

• Sizes: 2” through 12”
• Pressure Settings: 1 psig to 15 psig
• Vacuum Settings: 0.5 oz/in2 to 17.3 osig
• Material: Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Fiberglass, special materials available upon request

• Buna-N, FKM
• Steam Jacket Valve

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