Though small, this critical component deserves your undivided attention. Research, precaution and investment now will yield tremendous benefits in the future – when your operation is on the line.

With your safety and success in mind, our engineers developed simple, reliable valves that make the most of fewer parts – simplifying function, reducing buildup, increasing flow and allowing for easier maintenance.

If and when the time comes, count on our relief valves to perform.

Pressure Relief Valve

Model L2300A

The L2300A provides emergency relief capacity above what can be supplied by standard operating valves. Use it to protect tanks, piping and low-pressure vessels from internal pressure damage.

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Model L1220A

Use the L1220A to pipe away vapors in pressure and vacuum relief systems. The L1220A routes vapors through a flanged outlet connection, providing increased fire protection and safety.

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Vent to Atmosphere

Model L1200A

Model L1200A protects your tanks from damage created by overpressure or excessive vacuum. It reduces costly product evaporation losses due to normal tank “breathing.” It also minimizes atmospheric contamination by retaining toxic vapors, providing increased fire protection and safety.

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It's easy to buy cheap components from second-rate wholesalers, stamp a name on them and list them at a markup – and some companies do exactly that.

It's a lot tougher to design the product in-house, manufacture it in your own facility, then test and fine-tune to perfection before putting it on the market. But we do. Because we know your system relies on us – so we'll only put our name on products you can trust.