Model LLDC

Lock Down Conversion Kit

The Lock Down Conversion Kit is developed to replace or convert a thief hatch to a Lock Down Hatch to meet environmental regulations. The Lock Down Hatch provides secure access to storage tanks without pressure or vacuum relief capability. When closed, it ensures a vapor tight seal that prevents leakage and evaporation loss. The locking mechanism allows for the use of a padlock or security seal. The Lock Down Conversion Kit can be mounted to existing thief hatch bases in service. Please contact the local representative or LaMOT Valve & Arrestor to verify if it is compatible to convert existing thief hatches in your application.

• Permits the use of both hands during gauging or sampling
• Designed for easy maintenance, thus reducing downtime and lowering operational cost
• Corrosion resistance can be enhanced with Blue FKM soft goods
• Incorporates a mechanical lock system to be used with a pad lock or lock out bar
• Bonding straps are standard

Sizes: for use with 8” (200mm) thief hatch
Material: Casting Aluminum (non-sparking)
Diaphragm: Buna-N, Blue FKM, EPDM or FEP

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